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Sony Home Theatre System

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Home Theatre System - DAV-DZ150K

Key Features:
  • 850W Total Power Ouput
  • 5x Sub Satellite Speakers + Subwoofer
  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C)

- It eliminates the guesswork for the best placement of your speakers and gives optimal surround sound of your movies and music.

  • Flexible Speaker Formation
  • S-Master Digital Amplifier

- Redefine the relationship between size and performance. Utilizing the latest integrated circuit technologies, the S-Master eliminates analog signal errors, cross-over and thermal distortions that have fundamentally limited traditional power amplifier designs. The result is as stable, cool-running operation minus the excess heat, allowing the amplifier to reside within an even smaller chassis.

  • S-DIAT Wireless Ready

- S-DIAT or Sony Digital Infrared Audio Transmission system is a pure digital wireless surround solution that uses infrared light to transmit digital audio signals. Conventional digital audio transmission technologies are prone to problems with data errors due to noise in the transmission path whereas S-DIAT uses an infrared error-correction technique for much greater reliability even when the transmission path receives interference from other appliances. It uses uncompressed signals so every sound stays true to the original with all their life-like quality unchanged.

  • Portable Audio Input With Portable Audio Enhancer
  • DVD/CD/VCD/DivX/MP3/JPEG Playback
  • AV Sync
  • Dolby Digital / Dolby Pro Logic II / DTS Decoding

- DTS or Digital Theatre System is a multichannel audio compression format similar to Dolby Digital, but differing in that it generally uses higher data rates offering better quality.

  • Music and Movie Mode
  • Multi Disc Resume (40Disc)

- Memorizes the stop positions for several different DVDs so that the DVD player will resume playback form where you last sopped. The DVD player can resume playback even when the disc has been removed from the DVD player.

  • Karaoke Key Control and Scoring Function
  • FM/Am Tuner with 320 Presets
  • Progressive Scan (PAL/NTSC)

- A superior way of viewing video images compared with the traditional interlaced method. With interlacing the two fields of each video frame are shown one after the other. With progressive scanning all the horizontal lines of the frame are displayed in one go. The benefits are a lack of flicker and jagged edges typical of interlaced displays like CRT TVs and smoother horizontal resolution.

  • Magnetically Shielded

- The internal speaker magnet is shielded to prevent discolouration and distortion of the TV screen.

  • Bass Reflex

- Reflex enclosure extends the bass cut off point by venting some of the energy from inside the duct to the outside. Material such as longhair wool or fiberglass batting is often placed inside the duct to smooth response peaks. This can increase the speakersí sensitivity, frequency and output level.

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