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The BHF Story

Every BHF stores bears the name of its founder, Bienvenido Bondoc Balingit, whose innate talent in furniture craft and acumen in business, where the seeds that allowed BHF to grow into the progressive and multi-faceted family corporation that was today.

It was in the 1950s when Bienvenido, a craftsman who was trained in making religious relics, opened a workshop-cum-display store at Grace Park, Caloocan City, then, one of Manila's foremost furniture business districts.  The shop was named Balingit Art Enterprises and daily churned out plaster icons and handcrafted furniture for dealers and direct buyers.

This was the line of business that had been etched early in the mind of Bienvenido's daughter Aurora who finished a degree in Business Administration at the Far Eastern University in Manila in 1959.

Shortly before graduation, Aurora married FEU law student Remigio Manabat Bonifacio, and in 1964, the couple started their own furniture dealership verture, RMB Enterprises, also at Grace Park.

With business competitors getting tighter in Manila, the couple decided to try their luck in Dagupan City where, in 1964, Bievenido had already expanded his business by opening a branch at the old Crisologo building under the management of his brother.

Dagupan branch was technically the first BHF store.  Struggling at the outset, the store was sold to Bonifacio couple in 1965 and in no time at all was turned around into highly successful enterprises that served the needs of clients north on Manila.

Maintaining only a lean staff at the start, Remigio himself delivered and pick up the goods while Aurora basically minded the store and kept the books.  As the family grew, to include seven children, so did the business.

By 1970, BHF was already into furniture of beds with the trade mark "Daisy", named after the couple's eldest daughter.  Both activities have since given way to more cost-effective dealership by consignment or direct purchase from furniture manufacturers.  In 1977, BHF started selling appliances, offering reasonable installment terms to its clients.

Shortly before the EDSA Revolution, the growing political unrest in the country had greatly devalued the peso.  Clients became less regular in paying their installments and sales of furniture and appliances, as with most goods at that time, went down.  Taking her cue from these, Aurora decided to diversify into the pawnshop business in 1983.

From thereon, there was no stopping the company's steady expansion into the family corporation that is now also into jewelry and watches sales, rural banking and the whole gamut of the retail trade.

For the new millennium, a computer shop was established, and mall known as the BHF Family Plaza, both in Dagupan City.

Today, BHF Corporation consist of seventeen (17) Appliance and Furniture stores, twenty nine (29) Pawnshop and Jewelry stores, one (1) Facial Plus, one (1) Computer Shop, two (2) Banks and one (1) Supermarket and Department store in key cities of North Luzon particularly in Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union and Ilocos Sur and provides jobs to more or less six hundred (600) employees.  Remigio continues to sit as vice-chairman of the Board while Aurora is still directly and actively involved in the daily business transactions.

Bienvenido Balingit would be delighted to know that what he started over 50 years ago has now become a household name - BHF - which also stands for one "Big Happy Family".

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